Shenzhen Project Care

Shenzhen Project Care organizes a number of charity events to help the needy during the Spring Festival period, which includes conveying greetings, helping migrant workers return home, offering cultural services and doing other volunteer services.

Shenzhen Project Care

WTA Shenzhen Open is part of international women's professional tennis tournament and is the highest- level tennis event in Shenzhen (international tour with 280 points). The eight-day event will hold women's singles with 32 players (official game), 16 pairs of women's doubles and women's singles qualifications with 16 players.


Shenzhen Design Award for Young Talents in Cooperation with UNESCO Creative Cities Network

UNESCO Creative Cities Network Shenzhen Design Award for Young Talents is a top creativity and design event with great international influence, and has helped consolidate Shenzhen's status in the creative cities network and its brand influence as a "City of Design." The categories of the award include "Best of the Best Award," "Excellence Award," and "Rising Star Award (Students Group)."

International Magic Festival

The first International Magic Festival features a variety of activities including competitions for adults and youths, comedies, exhibitions of magic props, exhibitions of magic photos, lectures on magic and the experience hall of magic house.


Shenzhen 'Belt and Road' International Music Festival

Shenzhen “Belt and Road” International Music Festival showcases and explores the highlights of the 64 countries along the Belt and Road in the field of music. The festival also welcomes excellent music and art troupes from other countries or regions to participate in and present a feast of culture and art for audiences.

International Ink Art Biennale of Shenzhen

International Ink Art Biennale of Shenzhen is the only exhibition in the world focusing on ink paintings and it is also an international activity for art exchanges held on a regular basis.

Shenzhen Fashion Week

Shenzhen Fashion Week serves as a perfect window for Chinese clothing brands to get a glimpse of the global stage and for international designers to enter the Chinese market. It features runway shows and static exhibitions of designers.


China (Shenzhen) International Watercolor Biennial

As a national-level cultural event and an international watercolor art exchange event, the China (Shenzhen) International Watercolor Biennial will open in April, 2018 and start its tour around the country.

Shenzhen Design Week and Shenzhen Global Design Award

Shenzhen Design Week and Shenzhen Global Design Award is a platform for international cultural exchanges, city promotion, design exchange, service and popularization. Shenzhen Global Design Award, set to become the "Oscar" in the design world, tries to attract top designs in the world.

Music Festival Nanshan and Annual Festival of Top Chinese Music

Shenzhen Pop Music Festival aims to promote the development of local pop music through hundreds of activities of different music genres.


China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair

China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair (ICIF) is the most influential cultural industries fair in China. The comprehensive fair is of national level and international influence and it is reputed as "No.1 Cultural Fair in China."

Chinese Printmaking Exhibition

As one of the two permanent printmaking projects organized by Chinese Printmaking Society, Chinese Printmaking Exhibition is a large-scale academic and nationwide exhibition on printmaking arts.

2018 ITTF World Tour Platinum, China Open (Shenzhen Station)

ITTF World Tour Platinum is an annual series of table tennis tournaments introduced by International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) and enjoys a high reputation in the arena of international table tennis. The event includes men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles and women's doubles.


Shenzhen International Photography Exhibition

Under the theme of "Humanity, Metropolis and Technology," the Shenzhen International Photography Exhibition features solicitations exhibitions, themed academic seminars, exhibitions on specific subjects, invitational exhibitions, exhibitions at sub-venues and product exhibitions. The event serves as a platform for international photography and art exchanges.


'Shenzhen Dance Month'

As the only series activity focusing on "dancing" in Shenzhen, the "Shenzhen Dance Month" features such activities as competitions, performances and exhibitions, dancing creation and training and seminars, including WDC World Cup China Open, Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Dance Exhibitions and Performances for Exchanges and Guangdong Lingnan Dance Competition.

WDC China Open

WDC China Open, authorized by World Dance Council, is a ballroom dancing event of the highest standards and largest scale in the Asia Pacific region. The five-day event include match plays of 180 groups and for Asian-Pacific countries, match plays for youths from all over the world and for students and teachers from international clubs.

Shenzhen Cartoon and Animation Festival

Shenzhen Cartoon and Animation Festival is a series activity of the largest scale in Shenzhen held during every summer vacation. Since it was first held in 2009, it has attracted wide attention from youths and their families and was rated by Ministry of Culture as one of the four major cartoon and animation festivals in China.


China Pictures Competition

Under the theme of "China in Transformation," China Pictures Competition records, displays and narrates the historic development of China since the Reform and Opening-Up 40 years ago through videos and pictures from a global perspective. The competition is striving to build itself into a cultural symbol and spiritual icon which adhere to "Four Self-confidence."


Shenzhen (International) Science Film Week

Shenzhen (International) Science Film Week is a modern and international activity encompassing technology, culture, films, and more.

Shenzhen Grand Theater Arts Festival

Shenzhen Grand Theater Arts Festival is a large-scale comprehensive art activity, and it brings audiences vocal music, symphonies, dances and dramas.

Dafen International Oil Paintings Biennale

The Dafen International Oil Paintings Biennale is a high-end international exhibition with both academic and artistic features. All the exhibited works are signature works from influential artists from five continents. The exhibition attracts top art institutions and artists from home and abroad to focus on Shenzhen and on Dafen.


Shenzhen Maker Week

Shenzhen Maker Week is composed of product exhibitions, forums, a makers' marathon, workshops and start-up competitions. The event enhances Shenzhen's image as a national innovative city.

China Cup International Regatta

China Cup International Regatta ranks No. 1 of its kind in Asia and No. 3 in the world in terms of its influence. Since 2010, It has been included in the official event calendar of the International Sailing Federation.


China Hi-Tech Fair

China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF) is the largest and most influential exhibition on high technologies in China, featuring trade of technological fruits, products display, high-level forums, trade fair and cooperation and exchanges. CHTF is reputed as the No.1 Technology Show in China.

Shenzhen Reading Month

Themed "Reading • Progress • Dreams," Shenzhen Reading Month is a large-scale and comprehensive annual mass reading cultural activity. Each year it holds hundreds of cultural activities including Shenzhen Reading Forum, Classic Poems Reading Session, Top 10 Books of the Year and Night of Reading.

China International (KingBonn) New Media Short Film Festival

China International New Media Short Film Festival is the only State-level international short film festival in China. It is regarded as one of the top three film festivals together with the Beijing Film Festival and Shanghai Film Festival.


Shenzhen Creative December

As an annual comprehensive cultural event of Shenzhen, Creative December inspires citizens' innovative spirit through the display of multiple creative activities. It is growing into an influential incubator of creativity.

Shenzhen International Marathon

Shenzhen International Marathon has won the title of "Bronze Label Race" by International Association of Athletics Federations and the title of "Gold Medal Event" granted by Chinese Athletic Association. The event includes marathon, half-marathon and 6-km race in which runners will run along Shennan Boulevard.

China Design Exhibition

China Design Exhibition is a national-level design exhibition with highest standard and greatest authority. It showcases the latest achievements in design in contemporary China and leads the innovative development of Chinese design.