Volunteers wanted for park events

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Writer: Cao Zhen

Shenzhen urban management bureau is inviting 150 volunteers to pick up garbage on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival (Sept. 15) at six local parks.


The parks are:

Lianhua Hill Park

Shenzhen Central Park

Bijia Mountain Park in Futian District

Litchi Park

Shenzhen Bay Park in Nanshan District

Donghu Park in Luohu District


Applicants should first register to be a volunteer at the Shenzhen Volunteers Association’s website (www.sva.org.cn) and then sign up at the “美丽深圳志愿者” (“Beautiful Shenzhen Volunteers”) category.


If you already are a registered volunteer of the Shenzhen Volunteers Association, you can sign up directly through the event organizer’s WeChat (mlszgzh) or you can click "Read more" ↓↓↓↓ at the bottom of this article to sign up.


Application deadline: Sept. 13

Event time: 6 p.m., Sept. 15


1、Lianhua Hill Park(Yuan Xiaobin 15816878362)

2、Shenzhen Bay Park in Nanshan District(Wang Miaoqiang 83028622/13662230678)

4、Shenzhen Central Park(Zhou Yao 83209665/13802226354)

5、Bijia Mountain Park in Futian District(Lai Dazhong 83218329/13509649411)


Editor: Doria Nan