WorldService Project to shake up town| Sept. 14

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British punk-jazz band WorldService Project will perform at OnStage on Sept. 14 to promote their third album “For King & Country.”


WorldService Project

Formed in 2009, and winner of the Peter Whittingham Jazz Award in 2010, WorldService Project rapidly established itself as a popular live act in Britain, before branching out onto continental Europe and Asia.

Keyboardist and mastermind of the collective, Dave Morecroft has described his group’s sounds as “a cage fight between Weather Report, Stravinsky, Meshuggah, Frank Zappa and Monty Python.”

“For King & Country” follows in the wake of their promising 2010 debut “Relentless” and the excellent “Fire in a Pet Shop,” released in 2013.



WorldService Project are also founders of the innovative Match & Fuse program which facilitates cultural exchanges between young jazz and improvising musicians from various European countries. WSP has released a series of EPs featuring themselves in conjunction with a number of European artists. Last year, WorldService Project showed up at the OCT-LOFT Jazz Festival. Their performance was intense, exciting, energetic and invigorating.

Morecroft says of the band’s approach to live work: “We throw ourselves into it and hope to come out alive at the other end. And if you’re not bleeding by the end of it you haven’t tried hard enough.”

WorldService Project has also attracted attention for their matching and fusing of different musical styles, often lurching from one genre to another during the course of a single tune with jazz, rock, funk and electronica all grist to their musical mill.


Time: 8 p.m., Sept. 14

Tickets: 60-80 yuan

Venue: OnStage, 1/F, Unit B, Block 4, Shenzhen Software Industry Base, intersection of Keyuan and Xuefu roads, Nanshan District (南山区学府路与科园路交汇处深圳市软件产业基地4栋B座一层飞马旅)

Metro: Shekou Line, Keyuan Station (科苑站), Exit C