Railway worker saves old lady, loses leg

Date: 2017-July-11Writer: China DailyShare:

A MAN who risked his own life to save an elderly lady crossing the railway tracks, has had his leg amputated.

While Xu Qiankai, a worker at Rongchang Railway Station in Chongqing Municipality, was shunting trains as usual on the afternoon of July 6, he found an old woman crossing the tracks.

Xu signaled the driver to stop the train while whistling to warn the old woman of the danger. However, the woman seemed unaware of the looming danger and kept moving forward.

Just before the woman was about to be hit by the train, Xu jumped off the moving carriage and pulled her away from the danger. The woman suffered only a minor bruise while Xu’s right leg was crushed by the train.

After being rushed to the hospital, doctors amputated the 29-year-old’s injured leg.

According to thepaper.cn, Xu has been working in the railway system since 2008 after leaving the army. One of his co-workers described Xu as a humble and warmhearted man, who often uses his spare time to voluntarily work for the railway station.

After the incident, the old woman, Cai Benshan, and her family went to the hospital to express their gratitude to Xu. According to local residents, Cai has difficulty hearing.

Li Yi, the director of the railway station, said Xu’s medical bills will be paid by the station. 

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