Creativity showcased at industrial design festival

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The 10th China (Shenzhen) International Industrial Design Festival kicked off in Bao’an District yesterday. Nearly 100 innovative products, designed by over 50 industrial design companies in Shenzhen, were showcased at the festival, with over 70 percent of the exhibitors being Bao’an-based companies.

The awards ceremony for the Bao’an Cup of Intelligent Hardware Innovation Design Competition was held yesterday during the festival. A real-time headset translator developed by Shenzhen-based company, Timekettle, won gold in the competition.

The company’s WT2 earphone translator, which consists of two sets of earphones and a detachable charging case, is the world’s first “1+2 translation” system, according to Li Keng, a sales manager with the company.

He said the system allows multiplexed speech communication between two users when each of them wears the WT2 earphones.

According to him, both sets of earphones can be connected to the WT2 app on a user’s phone, which can create a smooth translation for users in eight languages, including Mandarin, English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic.

“We launched a fundraising project on kickstarter for the product in September and we have raised over US$276,000 so far,” Li said, adding that the product will enter mass production soon and is expected to be on the market in the first quarter next year.

According to Li, the earphones can be used for two to three hours on a full charge. The earphones will automatically wake up and pair with each other and the phone app when they are removed from the charging case.

Innozen Design, another Shenzhen-based company, helped design the product for Timekettle.

Shao Lingzhu, design director of Innozen Design, said users can separate the charging case into two parts and share one half with their speaking partner, which provides an icebreakers and creates a friendly feeling between strangers.

Michiel Roosjen, chief representative of Creative Holland in China, said he was impressed by the earphone translator after it was presented by Li and Shao at the roadshow. He described the product as a “game changer” during an interview with Shenzhen Daily yesterday.

Roosjen is one of the guest speakers joining the forum on creative design and intelligent manufacturing at the festival today.

On behalf of Creative Holland, Roosjen signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with Liu Zhixiong, president of Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association (SIDA) yesterday, with the aim of developing closer cooperation between Shenzhen and Amsterdam in the field of industrial design.

Roosjen said Creative Holland will push forward the two-way communication between Shenzhen and the Netherlands and invite design companies from Shenzhen to present their innovative products to the Dutch market.

According to him, Shenzhen is known for its manufacturing capacity and high-tech development, while the Netherlands has a strong capacity for product design.

“I think there is an interesting connection for Dutch designers to make with the high-end manufacturers here... to develop new products together,” he said.

The festival is co-hosted by the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society Industrial Design Institute, the National Industrial Design Industry Innovation Alliance and the Bao’an District Government.

It is a highlight event of Creative December, which will hold 195 creative activities for local residents throughout the month.

Editor: Lily A