3rd dolphin sighting in Yantian this year

Date: 2017-December-15Writer: Share:

A DOLPHIN showed up near a light buoy at Yantian Port on Tuesday afternoon. It is the third time that a dolphin has been seen at the port this year, according to sznews.com.

A maritime law enforcer, surnamed Yang, said he and his colleagues saw the dolphin jumping out of the water near a light buoy at Yantian Port at around 3 p.m. Tuesday when they were patrolling in the sea area.

According to previous media reports, a dolphin showed up in the same area in April and another in September. Experts confirmed that the dolphin spotted in September was a male pantropical spotted dolphin.

Yang said he saw the dolphin jumping out of the water in September and that it was a young 1-meter-long dolphin.

“The dolphin we saw today was about 1.3 meters long,” Yang said. “We were so glad to see a dolphin again. It’s like having a reunion with an old friend.”

According to the report, Yantian Port has the highest container throughput among all ports in China. Over 61,000 ships with 12 million containers have come in and out of Yantian Port this year.

The Yantian maritime authority has made an effort to prevent water pollution in the sea area, and the dolphin’s presence shows that the water quality in Yantian Port has improved this year.

Editor: Lily A