National supercomputing center launches AI testbed

Writer:   | Editor: Stephanie Yang  | From:  | Updated: 2019-06-05

China's National Supercomputing Center launched a testbed for artificial intelligence (AI) experiments in Shenzhen on Friday.

The AI testbed, named Tai, provides the basic environment of AI chips and systems for research, development and application tests of AI inventions.

Tai is capable of dealing with large-scale and complex scenarios. Scientists have built an EB-level intelligent data management and analysis system for high-energy physics, as well as a simulator of AI scenarios in real business situations and an AI-powered weather forecast platform.

The testbed was jointly built by organizations, enterprises and research institutes from home and abroad, including the Bench Council, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Software Testing Center under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Alibaba and Cambricon.

It can simulate the verification environment for future smart devices, said Feng Shengzhong, head of the center.

As part of the Bench Council’s 2019 International Symposium on Intelligent Computers, an international AI competition kicked off in the city Friday, with the new testbed as the venue.

Feng said the center has taken charge of the operation and maintenance management, along with Beijing Academy of Frontier Sciences and Technology.