Hotels in Pingshan District

Writer:   |  Editor: Jane Chen  |  From: Pingshan Government Online  | 

Ginmau Garden Hotel

Add: Jinniu Road West

Wanxiang Hotel

Tel: 84600666

Add: Huanping section of Chuangye Road

Yeste Hotel

Tel: 28318666

Add: 262 Shenshan Road

Website: www.yestehotel.com

7 Days Inn

Tel: 84605222

Add: 491 Shenshan Road

Website: www.7daysinn.cn

Jingfa Hotel

Tel: 84601343

Add: 356 Dongzong Road

The Charter House Hotel

Tel: 28823999

Add: 269 Dongzong Road

Website: www.hyljhotel.com

Diwang Hotel

Tel: 84600888

Add: 263 Dongzong Road

Liulian Hotel

Tel: 28825339

Add: 215 Shenshan Road

Leanju Hotel

Tel: 33908888

Add: 3002 Zhongshan Boulevard