Applying for a driver's license for the first time

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Required documents

1. Driver's license application form

2. Health certificate

3. Passport or other travel documents, or a valid visa allowing a stay in China for more than three months, or a residence permit. A residence permit issued by a Shenzhen public security bureau that shows a home address, or a temporary accommodation registration form and its copy. Embassy and consulate staff, as well as staff of international organizations' representative institutions in China, must provide a valid ID document issued by China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

4. Eight driver's license application photos. (Photos must be taken within six months prior to the application.)

◆ Copies of required documents should be on A4 paper. Both sides of overseas driver's licenses should be copied.


Application process

1. Application forms can either be downloaded from or acquired at a vehicle administration office.

2. Required photos should be taken at photo shops with Internet connections to the vehicle administration office. Photo shops will give receipts.

3. Applicants submit the application form and required documents, and have fingerprints collected, receiving a receipt.

4. With the receipt, applicants next make a payment at any China Construction Bank outlet. The fee for a driver's license is 480 yuan (US$78) and the fee for a motorbike license is 225 yuan.

5. Applicants go through required tests.

6. After passing the tests, applicants can receive a driver's license either by express service or claim it at a vehicle administration office. Applicants should provide ID papers when claiming their license.


Application handling department

Applications are handled by the examination department of the vehicle administration office of the traffic police branch of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau.

Add: Xili Driver Training and Examination Venue, Longjing section of Longzhu Boulevard, Nanshan District, Shenzhen.

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