The yellow-bellied prinia

Writer: Isaac Cohen  |  Editor: Liu Minxia  |  From: Shenzhen Daily

A yellow-bellied prinia perches in a tree in Wutong Mountain in Luohu District on March 5, 2022. Isaac Cohen

Among the most frequently seen birds in Shenzhen are the fantastic yellow-bellied prinias (Priniaflaviventris). The prinia is a small 12- to 14-cm-long bird with a dark grey hood covering its head and a distinctive lighter coloration around the eyes, with an olive green back plumage and a beautiful yellow belly. These birds can be seen bouncing around bushes and long grasses near wetlands or rivers. Another visible characteristic of prinias are their strong long legs that help them hold onto any sort of vegetation and a beautiful long tail they move up and down while flying and during their mating rituals.


Since prinias move mainly through grass and bushes, their main prey are small insects and larvae they can easily find while moving, like flies, beetles and grasshoppers.


A yellow-bellied prinia is seen in Wutong Mountain in Luohu District.

The yellow-bellied prinia starts its mating season at the beginning of spring which continues through the end of summer. They are found to be highly adaptable to the conditions of the environment and build their nests wherever they find a suitable place to live. Females will lay up to four small red eggs of about 1.5 cm per clutch and both parents will help incubating and feeding the youngsters once they hatch.


A yellow-bellied prinia is seen perching on a tree branch in Wutong Mountain in Luohu District.

I personally find this bird absolutely amazing and never hesitate to follow it and take a picture or two when I have the chance.