The large odorous frog

Writer: Isaac Cohen   |  Editor: Liu Minxia  |  From: Shenzhen Daily

A large odorous frog is seen in Donghu Park in Luohu District in this file photo. Photos by Isaac Cohen 

The large odorous frog

One of the most beautiful frogs found in the city is the large odorous frog (Odorrana graminea). The females of this medium-sized amphibian are about 9 centimeters long, while males are smaller, about 5 centimeters.


This fascinating frog is an arboreal animal with nocturnal habits and enjoys living near streams or waterfalls. Its striking green-colored body makes them difficult to find at night; but they are a total delight for the eyes if you can spot them.


The large odorous frogs, like many others of the frog family, lay their eggs in clusters in shallow water where the tadpoles can spend several months before they fully metamorphose into an adult frog. Tadpoles usually stay close to rocks, to which they cling using their mouth as a suction cup to prevent being carried away by the stream’s current.


A large odorous frog is seen in Donghu Park in Luohu District in this file photo. 

This particular frog exudes toxins through their skin, which makes them unpleasant to predators, a characteristic that helps them thrive in Shenzhen’s highly dynamic ecosystem.


Chinese scientists recently discovered a fascinating fact about these frogs: this species produces ultrasonic sounds as part of its communication repertoire, a trait that is seldom used or detected by animals other than mammals.


A large odorous frog is seen in Donghu Park in Luohu District in this file photo. 

Frogs are an essential link in our city’s complex food chains. They serve both as predators and prey to several species. We need to safeguard their habitats so that we can enjoy their presence for many years to come.


(Translator:Zheng Xin