Wutong Mountain National Park

Wutong Mountain straddles Luohu, Longgang and Yantian districts, with its main peak clocking in at 943.7 meters above sea level, making it the "premier peak in Shenzhen."

Because of the abundant rainfall and numerous valleys and streams, the mountain is usually full of fog and haze. When you climb to the top, the city and mountains merge into one, presenting the "Wutong Clouds" scenery that has become one of the top "Eight Views of Shenzhen."

Wutong Mountain has been extensively recorded in the history books and local chronicles of the Ming and Qing dynasties, with "Wuling Tianchi" ranking among the "Eight Views of Xin'an" in the Ming Dynasty. The Wutong Mountain National Forest Park is now a national scenic area with dozens of scenic spots such as Yuanyang Valley and Orchid Creek, offering scenes of beauty and splendor. 

There are several routes to the top, which vary significantly in terms of difficulty. The broad road is a gentle climb, but requires a good five hours if you intend to go to the top and back. There are two peaks, Lesser Wutong, where the Shenzhen Media Group has its transmission tower, and Greater Wutong, which can be reached via the challenging Hao Han Slope.

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Metro: Line 8 or 2 to Wutongshan South Station (梧桐山南站), Exit A/D or to Liantang Station (莲塘站), Exit C 

Wutong Mountain National Park