Nantou Ancient City Museum

From: Shenzhen Municipal Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau

Located on the southwest of the ancient city of Nantou, Nantou Ancient City Museum is a topographical museum covering an area of nearly 630 m2. There are three exhibition halls in the Nantou Ancient City Museum displaying Shenzhen's development history over the past 1,700 years. More than 300 cultural relics help narrate Shenzhen's history beginning from 331 AD in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, and they fully elaborate that the ancient city of Nantou is the historical origin of Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Macao. It is a national third-class museum and one of the bases of patriotic education in Shenzhen.

Opening hours: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. (last admission at 4:30 p.m., closed on Mondays, except major national holidays) Special circumstances will be announced separately.

Tel: 2661-1170

Add: 2 Jiaochang, Nantou Subdistrict, Nanshan District (南山区南头街道较场2号南头古城博物馆)

Metro: Line 12 to Nantou Ancient City Station (南头古城站), Exit D and then walk 15 minutes to destination

Nantou Ancient City Museum