Gymnasium of Pingshan Sports Center

Located in Tiyu 1st Road, Pingshan District, next to Dashanpo Reservoir and Maluanshan Country Park, Gymnasium of Pingshan Sports Center was the venue for the basketball competitions of the 2011 Universiade. With an underground parking lot, the gymnasium has around 300 parking spaces for compact cars.

With a total floor area of 15,709.39 m2, the gymnasium is a single-story building at the height of 28.81 meters with a partially tiered structure of three tiers, and can seat 4,500 people for formal competitions. Its basic facilities are designed at the standards of second-rated gymnasiums, and its functional rooms and the technical control system both meet the FIBA requirements.

The first tier includes auxiliary rooms, a major venue of around 1,880 m2 and a warm-up venue of around 880 m2 without seating terraces. Different entrances are set for athletes, VIP attendees, journalists and judges; there's also an entrance to competition offices and an entrance for gym visitors. The VIP entrance stands separately for some of the competition organizing staff members and VIP guests. Through the VIP entrance, the guests can enter the reception room conveniently and reach the platform through a special staircase.

The first tier is five meters high, expect for the sports venues. The second tier, at the height of over three meters, includes a control room for competitions and other facilities. The third tier includes an upper grandstand, control rooms and other facility rooms.

Official WeChat Account: 坪山区文体服务中心 (WeChat ID: szpswtfwzx)

Opening hours:

a) Indoor badminton courts: 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. (free for festivals and holidays)

b) Outdoor basketball courts: all year round (free to public)

Tel: 8966-1212 (reception desk)

Add: Tiyu 1st Road, Maluan Subdistrict, Pingshan District (坪山区马峦街道体育一路坪山体育中心体育馆)

Metro: Line 14 to Jinlong Station (锦龙站), Exit B and then take a taxi

Gymnasium of Pingshan Sports Center