Guidance on Shenzhen pet dogs registration and microchip appointment on mobile phones

From: Shenzhen Government Online

Who can apply?

Any resident who has full capacity for civil conduct and a permanent residence not shared with non-family members, and any unit which has a special place with safety protection facilities and dedicated personnel for dog keeping can apply for a dog-keeping registration, except for the fierce breeds.

What to prepare?

1. Valid personal identification document (original document for examination and one photocopy for submission)

2. Dog-keeping registration form (original document)

3. One-inch headshot of the dog (original document)

4. Three-inch full body shot of the dog (original document)

How to apply?

1. Online processing: search the miniprogram “深圳市养犬服务” on WeChat, and upload the application materials according to the instructions.

2. Window processing: The applicant shall submit application materials to the service window of any subdistrict administrative service hall.

Scan the QR code to register your dog

Shenzhen announced a plan to microchip all dogs on top of registration in 2019 and officially began implanting free microchips in all registered dogs on “Love Your Pet Dog Day” on May 29, 2020.

The move aims to help find lost or stolen dogs, stop citizens from dumping dogs and determine responsibility ·when disputes over dogs happen.

Shenzhen officially implemented pet dog-raising regulations in November 2020, which stipulates that dog owners in the city will be punished if found raising unchipped dogs.

Shenzhen owned around 200,000 dogs and cats in 2019, according to official data. The total number of dogs and cats nationwide grew 8.4 percent year over year to nearly 1 billion in 2019, an industry white paper showed.