Shenzhen Port

From: Shenzhen Government Online

Shenzhen Port is the collective name of several ports located along the 260-km coastline of Shenzhen. Taken together, they constitute one of the largest ports in China in terms of international trade and one of the busiest ports in the world.

Around 40 shipping companies have their headquarters located in the port, which have launched around 130 international container lines. Additionally, 230 international container routes pass through Shenzhen Port. Shenzhen is connected to more than 300 ports in over 100 countries and regions.

Yantian Port. Photo by Lin Jianping

To enable a better understanding of the port’s design, the city sums it up as having a “two wings, six areas, and three main ports” pattern.

“Two wings” refer to the eastern cluster of ports and the western cluster of ports, located on the two ends of Shenzhen which is divided by the Kowloon Peninsula. The western port cluster includes Chiwan and Shekou, while the busiest port of Shenzhen, Yantian Port, is within the eastern cluster of ports.

“Three main ports” refers to the Nanshan Port area, Dachan Bay Port area, and Yantian Port area, which reflect the core competitiveness of Shenzhen Port.

“Six areas” refer to the six major port areas – Nanshan Port area, Dachan Bay Port area, Dachan Island and Xiaochan Island area, Bao’an Port area, Yantian Port area, and Dapeng Port area – and each of them performs different functions.

Based on different resource conditions, development potential and overall urban planning, their functions are as follows.

Nanshan Port area: Relying on container shipments to develop modern logistics, Nanshan Port is an important part of the main container line ports. It is a multifunctional port integrated with the capacity of docking cruise ships, handling tourists, shipping bulk and cargo, and repairing and building ships.

Dachan Bay Port area: Danchan Bay Port is an important part of the main container line ports and develops modern logistics with the help of container shipments.

Dachan Island and Xiaochan Island Port area: Dachan Island Port and Xiaochan Island Port mainly engage in the shipment of petroleum products and liquid chemicals.

Bao’an Port area: Bao’an Port mainly functions in bulk and cargo shipment and passenger transportation. Its support for barge transportation is also gradually growing.

Yantian Port area: As an important part of the main container line ports, Yantian Port provides modern logistics for container shipments.

Dapeng Port area: Dapeng Port, which mainly transports petroleum products, liquid chemicals and liquefied gas, is the eastern base for Shenzhen Port’s energy storage and transportation. In addition, it also provides service for aquatic tourism and passenger transportation.