Huanggang Checkpoint

Huanggang Checkpoint. File photo

Located in Futian District, Huanggang Checkpoint is currently the only checkpoint in the city that is open around the clock. It has the largest comprehensive road crossings both for individual travelers and cargo in China and is one of the largest land crossings. There have been a lot of cross-border buses commuting between Shenzhen and various destinations in Hong Kong at this checkpoint. Having been in service for a long time and seeing especially relatively fewer people at midnight, Huanggang Checkpoint had been a very good option for late-night border-crossing travelers. Currently under renovation, the checkpoint is open only for cargo inspection. After renovation which is scheduled to be completed later this year, the checkpoint will become a passenger-only border crossing with a designed capacity of handling up to 300,000 people daily.

Opening hours: 24 hours daily

Add: South of the intersection of Baihe Road 3 and Futian Road South, Futian District (福田区百合三路与福田南路交叉口南边)

Metro: Line 7 to Huanggang Checkpoint Station (皇岗口岸站)

Huanggang Checkpoint