Xiwan Mangrove Park

As one of Shenzhen’s many mangrove parks, Xiwan Mangrove Park in Bao'an District boasts some distinctive sceneries that cannot be seen elsewhere.  It is a coastal leisure hotspot with several viewing platforms, vast greenery and mangroves. 

Planes that seem to be within reach fly across a clear blue sky, an endless stream of vehicles flows along the highway above the water, even as waves gently lap against the mangrove trees on the shore. The park's broad view provides superb coastline sightseeing and it is said to be one of the ideal places in Shenzhen to view sunsets.

With 32 hectares of wetland and a coastline of 45 kilometers, the park is known for a number of scenic spots, including a sea-watching platform that can accommodate as many as 2,200 visitors, a children's sea view playground, a wharf and a historical study room.

As you take a stroll along the greenways, you can marvel at both the beauty of nature and the human efforts for development, with flyovers and pylons in sight.

Tips for sightseeing:

1. The ideal time to visit the park is in the morning or evening on a clear day. Don't miss the sunset.

2. It is a good choice to bring some food if you’re planning to spend a whole day there because it is not easy to find an eatery nearby. Bringing a mat and tent or planning for a picnic on the lawn will add to the fun.

WeChat account: 红树林公园 (hongshulinGY)

Add: Xiwan Mangrove Park, intersection of Jinwan Boulevard and the western seawall, Bao'an District (宝安区金湾大道与西海堤交汇处西湾红树林公园)

Metro: Line 1 to Gushu Station (固戍站), Exit D and then walk eastward for 1.5km

Xiwan Mangrove Park