From: Shenzhen Government Online

There are two ways to call a taxi: by telephone and via the internet.

By phone: 

Shenzhen’s unified hotline for calling a taxi is 95128. But if you wish to order an accessible taxi, please call 12385.

1.People will be asked to provide all necessary information, which will be put in the taxi reservation network by a phone operator, and the reservation system will automatically search for the nearest available taxis for the passengers.

2.An available taxi driver will press the confirm button in the reservation network to accept an order after receiving the order via GPS.

3.The driver will receive the passenger’s information after confirming the order.

4.The driver will pick up the passenger at the designated point.

Via the internet:

1.Select “打车”on the front page of the “高德地图”app, or choose “高德打车小程序” in the WeChat or Alipay app.

2.After inputting the pick-up point and destination, select “深圳出租” and choose “立即叫车”. Your order will be automatically submitted to the online reservation system.

3.A passenger will be notified with the vehicle information, including vehicle type, color, vehicle license plate number and the personal information of the cabbie after the passenger’s order is accepted by a taxi driver.

4.The passenger will be picked up at the designated point, and will be charged upon arrival at the destination and will be able to leave a review of the service and acquire a receipt for the journey online.

Please note that a passenger will be charged from the time of entry into the taxi. It is illegal for a taxi driver to start the taxi meter while still waiting for the passenger or when on the way to pick up the passenger.

Taxi passengers can try one of the three following ways to retrieve their lost items.

1.Passengers who pay for taxi fare with a WeChat payment can look for relevant information of the taxi that was taken through the miniprogram of “出租车助手”, and call 12328 to acquire the contact number of the taxi company by following “出租车助手 – 我的订单 – 乘车记录 – 更多出租车服务 – 物品遗失报案 – 致电12328”. Or if you have a taxi receipt or can provide the cabbie’s accurate name, license number, vehicle license plate number and other relevant information, you can call 12328 and share the information on the receipt to obtain the taxi company’s telephone number and contact the Lost & Found department.

2.Passengers can also visit the Lost & Found window of the Shenzhen Municipal Transport Information Inquiry Service Center. Passengers should provide either taxi receipt or information about the taxi or the driver. Passengers will be asked to provide information including time and location they got on and off the taxi, as well as their travel routes. Staffers of the service center will use GPS to help passengers identify the taxi they took.

Service hours: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (all year round)

Add: Lost & Found Center, 8/F, Radio Management Building, Huaqiang Road South, Futian District

3.Passengers can call the 24-hour service hotline 12328 to report a loss. Staffers at the Lost & Found Center release information of lost items reported by passengers to the taxi companies on a daily basis. The taxi companies will verify the lost items brought back by taxi drivers and contact the passengers to arrange for the return of the items.