Romantic places for you to explore in Shenzhen

From: Shenzhen Municipal Talent Affairs Bureau

Shenzhen, a coastal city with a rich natural landscape including hilly terrain and vast, flower-filled parks, has its own romantic temperament. It is the perfect place to meet a future partner, discover the city’s hidden charms, and make exciting plans for the future.

Bay Area Light: the best place to propose

The Bay Area Light Ferris wheel in Qianhai is one of the most streamed landmarks in Shenzhen.

After you book one of the 28 fully revolving gondolas and decorate its 16.8 square meters of space with a rich array of flowers, bring your soulmate to enjoy the beautiful coast fromthis 360-degree panoramic space capsule. As the gondola slowly ascends to a height of 128 meters, pop out the ring and try your luck. At that moment, you may be rewarded with a lifelong commitment.

Yangmeikeng: An ideal spot to shoot wedding photos

Yangmeikeng, Shenzhen’s scenic seaside escape, was rated as one of the eight most beautiful coasts in China by China National Geography, a monthly magazine akin to National Geographic. Hong Kong film director Stephen Chow chose it as the keylocation for shooting “The Mermaid,” and many Shenzhen folkshave followed suit by having their wedding photos taken there.

There is a hill full of Chinese bayberries (Myricarubra) in front of Qiniang Mountain at the intersection of the two valleys of Zhengweikeng and Dakenghu, from which the place derives its name, Yangmeikeng (myrica pit). In Yangmeikeng, you can enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery and listen to the sound of the waves. The area features soft sandy beaches and wild sea cliffs. You can see where the blue water meets the sky, enjoy watching fish swim, or sail across the waves on a boat.

Consider takingyour paramour to Yangmeikeng to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Maybe you will spontaneously decide to ask if you can borrow a wedding dress from one of the newlyweds taking their wedding photos there. You could even end up “sealing the deal” with your soulmate for life.

Take your soulmate to watch the sunrise

The "Sunrise Theater" on Wanghai Road is considered the best place to watch the dawning of a new day in Shenzhen. The "theater" is actually a coastal open lawn that stretches into the surrounding hillside like a gradually rising theater stand with Shenzhen Bay serving as a backdrop. Skyscrapers in Futian District can be seen vaguely in the distance, making for some excellent photo opportunities.

When the sky changes color from dreamlike shades of pink and purple to orange, the outline of distant mountains becomes clear. Soon, the sun will jump out of the sea. You can sit on the grass with your soulmate and record the first light of dawn together. 

Lover Island

An almost sacred dating spot, Lover Island is a small isle off the coast of Xichong Moon Bay that can be reached by speedboat. Although it only covers a meager 100 mu (6.67 hectares), it has the second-largest mangrove forest in Shenzhen. The island is full of birds, flowers and wild fruits. With the vast blue sea and sky, white beach, waves, seaside breeze, and romantic wooden housesby the sea, it is a place you and your soulmate will surely fall in love with at first sight.

The Netherlands Flower Town

Located in Nanshan District, The Netherlands Flower Town is a Dutch-style street block reconstructed from Nanshan Flower World. You’ll notice rows of tulips, a large windmill, and a charming pair of large wooden shoes, all symbols of Dutch culture.  

Buying a bunch of red roses at a flower stall built in Dutch architectural style may bring you an unforgettable experience.

The marriage registration office of Futian District in the southwest area of Xiangmi Park. Sun Yuchen

Most beautiful marriage registration office

Xiangmi Park serves as a perfect romantic getaway in Shenzhen, dubbed the "City of A Thousand Parks," with its Rose Garden and air corridor. Even more attractive to young people is the marriage registration office of Futian District in the southwest area of the park, which is known as the most beautiful such office in China. 

Its boasts both Chinese and Western-style wedding halls. The Chinese auditorium is a traditional symmetrical structure, its round arch symbolizing the full circleof perfection. Meanwhile, the festive color red makes people feel happy and positive. The Western-style auditorium looks out to the lake through full-floor glass windows, creating a romantic atmosphere.

The tranquil Xiangmi Lake and these special wedding halls are always on standby to helplovers tie the knot.

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