A national model city for public fitness

From: Shenzhen Municipal Talent Affairs Bureau

Shenzhen residents seem to have penchant for competing and playing sport. You can see them pouring with sweat around the clock at local parks, coastal areas and sports grounds. As the only metropolis in Guangdong rated a national model city for public fitness and a national pilot city for sports consumption, Shenzhen has always been committed to building a thriving sports ecosystem and ramping the public's knowledge about fitness and health.

According to data from the 2021 sports venues census, there are 30,411 sports venues in Shenzhen, spanning a total 30.23 million square meters, or 1.72 square meters per capita. Moreover, the city has nearly 60 outdoor smart gyms. Shenzhen is making every effort to ensure that by 2025 the area per capita of its sports facilities exceeds 2 square meters. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of citizens to keep fit amid the pandemic, Shenzhen has promoted a series of home-based exercises and workouts.

Sweating away the pounds at home, fragmented fitness exercises

Good health is the foundation of a better life. During the 2022 Spring Festival, Shenzhen launched Online Sports Month, which saw over 1.5 million citizens across the country participate.

In 2021, the bureau for the first time proposed the concept of providing short fitness workouts. These were used to encourage employees in workplaces to use their break times wisely by performing a few simple exercises to boost their health, another move that was well received among the public.

Outdoor smart gyms

In October 2021, the outdoor smart gym at Lianhua Hill Park was officially put into use for free. This gym which adopts cutting-edge technologies such as AI, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and blockchain is equipped with a physical fitness testing center as well as a training center. The former generates professional and personalized reports and tailored training programs, while the latter provides more than 10 kinds of intelligent fitness equipment to facilitate aerobic exercise or resistance training. In just over a year, the gym recorded more than 1 million visits. Shenzhen now has 60 such outdoor smart gyms and the number is expected to rise to 300 by 2025.

Shenzhen Sports Center

Comprising Shenzhen Stadium, Shenzhen Gymnasium, Shenzhen Swimming and Diving Hall, Shenzhen Tennis and Badminton Center, the center serves as the main venue for the city to host various large-scale public activities, as well as the main ground for citizens' cultural and sporting activities. It also provides a diverse range of sports, fitness and entertainment services for municipal sports teams and the general public. The stadium and gymnasium are currently in the process of being upgraded.

Universiade Center

This was the main stadium for the 2011 Universiade and is the home field of many professional clubs in Shenzhen. Apart from the main stadium, it boasts a main gymnasium, a natatorium, Dayun Lake, a public fitness square, and a comprehensive sports service area.

Futian Sports Park

Covering 63,000 square meters, this sports park has four main buildings. The comprehensive gymnasium has 11 standard badminton courts that can accommodate a total of 3,500 spectators. Its outdoor lighting stadium features a 400-meter plastic track, a standard artificial grass football field, and 5,000 fixed seats. Meanwhile, the park's indoor constant-temperature natatorium has a 50-meter by 25-meter swimming pool as well as a children's pool. The final touch is the main complex building. The park can host mass public fitness activities and various sports events.

Shenzhen Bay Sports Center

Commonly known as "Spring Cocoon," the center was the venue for the opening ceremony of the 2011 World Universiade. With a stadium, gym, and swimming center, it is open to the public free of charge. This has become a popular spot among local sports fans and an important arena for large-scale domestic and international sports events. Swimming, football, basketball, badminton, fencing, and baseball events are held regularly throughout the year.

Luohu Sports Center

The center includes Luohu Gymnasium, a tennis center, and a sports leisure park. Luohu Stadium, the first in the district, is popular among the public for its staging of public welfare activities, cultural and sports activities, sports training, and leisure activities.

Mission Hills Golf Club

Straddling the border of Shenzhen and Dongguan and established in 1992, Mission Hills has been accredited by the Guinness World Records as the world's largest golf club. It is also a national 5A scenic spot, covering a total area of 20 square kilometers. With 216 holes and 12 golf courses, it is the world's only golf club featuring courses designed by renowned architects from five continents.

Sports venue reservation platform

Based on the "i Shenzhen" e-government service platform, a citywide sports venue reservation platform has been set up, providing one-click appointments for all port venues across the city, including those at schools.

Step 1: Download the "i Shenzhen" app, register and log in;

Step 2: Find the stadium reservation section on the home page, click it and enter the booking list;

Step 3: After selecting the venue and time, pay online to complete the order;

Step 4: You can navigate to the venue directly through the navigation function on the venue homepage.

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