Shenzhen's checkpoints epitomize China's development

From: Shenzhen Municipal Talent Affairs Bureau

Shenzhen's many checkpoints offer the most comprehensive functions and contend with the highest rates of passenger and cargo turnover. They also serve as important transportation hubs connecting the city with its neighbor, Hong Kong.

A total of 16 seaports and border checkpoints authorized by the State Council are located in the city. Seven checkpoints allowing vehicles to pass through are located in Luohu, Wenjindu, Huanggang, Shatoujiao, Shenzhen Bay, Futian and Liantang; two railway checkpoints can be found at West Kowloon Station on the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link (XRL), and at Shenzhen Railway Station; six seaport checkpoints are based in Yantian, Daya Bay, Shekou, Chiwan, Mawan, and Dachanwan; while another checkpoint is situated at Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport. 

The number of passengers entering and leaving the Chinese mainland through Shenzhen's checkpoints surpassed 100 million each year before the pandemic, representing about half of the total number on those traveling into and out of the mainland, with more than 640,000 people crossing this border on a daily basis. Six out of 10 vehicles passing through checkpoints on the mainland leave or enter through Shenzhen, totaling 40,000 a day and more than 10 million a year. The container throughput at Shenzhen's seaports ranks fourth in the world, and second in China.

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For more detailed information about Shenzhen's checkpoints, please check the Shenzhen government website, follow the official WeChat account of the Shenzhen port entry and exit office (ID:shenzhenkab), or check out the “i口岸” WeChat Mini Program.