From 'seed' to 'little giant'

Writer: Chang Zhipeng  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2023-10-23

Video and photos by Lin Jianping

With deep roots in Futian District for over 20 years, DIB Enterprise Risk Management Technology Co. Ltd. has grown into a State-level technologically advanced “little giant.”

“Little giant” enterprises refer to small and medium-sized enterprises that focus on a niche market and master key technologies with a strong innovation capacity, big market share, high-quality products and/or services and profits. They are largely concentrated in the fields of new-generation information, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials and medicine.

Hu Yanping, deputy general manager of DIB Enterprise Risk Management Technology Co. Ltd., poses for a photo at the company reception in Futian District on Sept. 14. 

To be termed a “little giant,” a Chinese firm must see a minimum 5% year-on-year average growth rate of its main business income or net profit in the past two years. More importantly, it must have at least two valid invention patents or other similar proofs of its innovation capabilities, and at least 3% of its top line must be dedicated to R&D, among other financial and operational criteria.

Core technologies secure growth

Founded in 2001, DIB has served nearly 1,000 central and local State-owned companies and administrative institutions, providing them with intelligent regulatory solutions in areas such as risk control, compliance, audit and operations.

DIB’s success lies in its core technologies and expertise, according to Hu Yanping, deputy general manager of the company.

In a recent interview with Shenzhen Daily, Hu highlighted the company’s strong focus on research and development (R&D).

“DIB has invested an average of over 20 million yuan (US$2.74 million) in R&D over the past three years. We have even set up our own postdoctoral workstation and have obtained over 100 invention patents and software copyrights,” she explained.

Hu Yanping, deputy general manager of DIB Enterprise Risk Management Technology Co. Ltd., communicates with staffers at the company based in Futian District on Sept. 14. 

With the establishment of a postdoctoral workstation, DIB aims to leverage high-end talents to make breakthroughs in bottleneck technologies in the field of digital risk control. Currently, there are two doctors working in the workstation, who have contributed to the company’s business development by utilizing cutting-edge technologies. DIB is actively recruiting doctors with relevant expertise from around the world.

On March 1, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the nation’s top industry regulator, approved of establishing the Academy of Specialized and Sophisticated Industries.

This academy will be jointly constructed by DIB, Nanjing Audit University and Nanjing Xingang National High-tech Industrial Park, with a focus on researching big data intelligent risk management.

Hu introduced that DIB’s technology is particularly valuable in helping companies identify risks and compliance issues related to improper business transactions and procedures such as contract backdating and improper reimbursements. “With our expertise and technology, clients can quickly identify operational and managerial issues, leading to cost reduction and improved efficiency,” Hu stated.

Futian, a fertile soil

In retrospect of the company’s development history, Hu emphasized that DIB’s continuous progress can be attributed to the foresight in selecting to settle in Futian and the favorable business environment in the district.

Hu Yanping works in her office in Futian District on Sept. 14.

“Personally, I firmly believe that both the business climate and cultural environment in Futian are at the forefront in Shenzhen. Additionally, Futian provides an ideal foundation for innovation, with the innovative platform of the Hetao Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone,” Hu stated.

“The local government offers supportive policies that are continuously upgraded and tailored to meet enterprises’ evolving needs and business lifecycles,” she said.

The efficient and considerate government services are evident in the small details, according to her.

Hu vividly recalled the warmth and thoughtfulness she had experienced when visiting government service halls and communicating with officials with relevant departments.

In addition, the local government has provided platforms for enterprises to showcase their products.

Among them is the annual China Hi-Tech Fair, which offers a special exhibition area dedicated to specialized and sophisticated enterprises.

The government also organizes media group interviews to increase exposure for these enterprises.

“By taking part in various symposiums, we have an exclusive channel to convey our concerns and demands, which normally receive surprisingly quick response from the government. The government truly considers our perspectives and concerns,” she said.

With deep roots in Futian District for over 20 years, DIB Enterprise Risk Management Technology Co. Ltd. has grown into a State-level technologically advanced “little giant.”