​Gavin Brady

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Gavin Brady(加文•布雷迪)

World Sailing Ranking 世界帆联排名: NO.38

Leaderboard of World Match Racing Tour 世界帆船对抗巡回赛排名: NO.8

Nationality 国籍: New Zealand 新西兰


Crew 队员: Nicholas Blackman, Tom Powrie, Dave Swete

Gavin Brady (born Nov. 11, 1973) has been pushing the limits of all aspects of professional sailing for more than 30 years. He has competed in six America’s Cups, the Whitbread, the Volvo Ocean Race, the 2000 Olympics, the Grand Prix Circuit, and a host of other world championship races. He has led and been part of more than 15 championship teams. More recently, he won the 2023 Offshore World Championships on board the TP52 ‘Beau Geste’ owned by Karl Kwok from Hong Kong. Gavin was also tactician aboard the Maxi ‘Vesper’, winner of the 2022 Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup. Gavin previously competed on the World Match Racing Tour in over 20 regattas. Despite not having won a Tour event, Brady is one of its most consistent performers, he is also one of the few skippers to pull off back-to-back victories at the Congressional Cup,accomplishing the feat in 1996 and ‘97.In 2023, Gavin re-joined the World Match Racing Tour with his True Blue Racing Team (USA) founded as an ambassador, and advocates for our oceans and environment.

30 多年来,加文一直在挑战专业帆船运动各方面的极限。他带领了15支以上的冠军船队,参加过六次美洲杯帆船赛(America’s Cup)。在惠特布莱德帆船赛(the Whitbread)、沃尔沃海洋帆船赛(Volvo Ocean Race)、2000年奥运会、大奖赛巡回赛(the Grand Prix Circuit)以及其他许多世界锦标赛中也可以看到他的身影。 最近,他驾驶着香港人郭国强(Karl Kwok)的TP52型“Beau Geste”号赢得了2023年海上世界锦标赛冠军。Gavin也是2022年劳力士超级帆船杯获得者,人称“Vesper”号上的战术师。

加文曾参加过20多场世界帆船对抗巡回赛。尽管没有赢得过冠军,Brady始终表现卓越。他在1996年和1997年连续取得了国会杯(Congressional Cup)的冠军,当时很少船队能做到连胜。

2023年,加文与他的TRUE BLUE RACING队以海洋及环境的大使与倡导者的身份重新回归世界帆船对抗巡回赛。