Investing in Guangdong is a natural choice: PorCham chairman

Writer: Han Ximin  |  Editor: Liu Minxia  |  From: Original  |  Updated: 2024-02-18

The improved business environment and incentives for foreign investments are attracting international companies to look for more business opportunities in Guangdong Province, Dário Silva, board chairman of PorCham Greater China, said at an interview on the eve of the opening of Guangdong Provincial High-quality Development Conference in Shenzhen today. 

"In Hengqin FTA, the 6+1 Technology trade platform received incentives such as 60% rebate on the office rent, and other tax rebates," Silva cited an example at the interview. 

PorCham engages in promoting businesses between China, Portugal, and other Portuguese-speaking countries under the BRI (Belt and Road Initiative). Last year, it participated in the construction and operation of the China Portugal International Trade and Investment Cooperation Center.  

"The reason we operated the center in Guangdong is obvious, because our businesses will benefit from Guangdong's dynamic economy and its influence across the country, as well as Macao's strong Portuguese background," Silva said. 

According to Silva, the center engages in matchmaking for local and foreign corporations and provides research and strategy for investments in China and Portuguese-speaking countries. 

"The Greater Bay Area (GBA) is a focal point for high-tech development, know-how transfer, and quality economic growth. We are trying to bring tech companies to Guangdong, to enter Chinese markets and gain dimension to the global market," he added.

Silva noted the GBA's innovation appeal, government support, and dynamic exchanges are among the factors luring foreign investors in the region. He also stated that high-tech companies from Portuguese-speaking countries are very interesting in development in the GBA.

After the Spring Festival holidays, Silva said the chamber will be busy planning activities for 2024, with focus on new energy vehicles because Portuguese importers and distributors are willing to collaborate with Chinese manufacturers.

"Portugal has large lithium reserves and being the automotive cluster in Portugal and Spain, is the second most relevant in Europe. It is a good place for Chinese manufacturers to invest in production locally in Portugal for the European and Portuguese-speaking countries' markets," Silva said.