Memories of old Shenzhen — Part 3: Construction boom

Writer: Vanessa Winters  |  Editor: Liu Minxia  |  From:   |  Updated: 2024-03-18

In late 2010, I decided to move to Shenzhen after a new job offer. I first lived in the Shixiabei area and then moved to the OCT area that is close to Window of the World and Happy Valley, and finally settled in Shekou long term. Many things have changed since I moved to Shenzhen. Metro Line 1 extended all the way to the airport and Line 2 just started operation with very few stations. I recall Line 2’s terminals were Window of the World and Chiwan stations, and it only ran until around 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

During that period of time, I saw a construction boom across the city. As a result, Shenzhen is now catching up to other major cities like Hong Kong and Guangzhou, with the city getting more modern, and traveling and living in the city becoming more convenient. What’s commendable about Shenzhen is that its urban planning notion of preserving its beautiful nature while blending modernity, which somehow made me call it home for many years.

A Metro Line 2 poster inside the carriage in 2010. Photos by Vanessa Winters

Construction views from the author's apartment show Shenzhen Bay Bridge and the surrounding area in 2012. 

Shenzhen's first Apple Store at Yitian Holiday Plaza shopping mall in OCT in 2013.

A view of Mumianwan Metro Station in Longhua District, with various buildings being built in the background in 2014.

Construction sites around Houhai area in Nanshan in 2016.