My life story

Writer: Milos Radulovic  |  Editor: Liu Minxia  |  From:   |  Updated: 2024-03-25

I have to acknowledge that as an adolescent, I dreamed about living abroad, exploring different cultures, habits, and languages, and traveling across several meridians and time zones. I've always wanted to understand people and my surroundings. 

However, at the time, I had no idea what it was or how it would affect my life. 

I've never lost faith in myself or the determination to transform my life, even at an early age. So, I realized I had to fight for anything in life on my own. Certainly, if I got a job, I would have to earn it fairly via hard work, sacrifice, and unwavering determination in my drive to succeed.

That explains why I was only 10 years old when my younger brother and I first earned money by selling old toys in front of a building. My unconventional and challenging childhood experiences shaped who I am today as well as who I want to be one day. I learned that, regardless of the circumstances, every difficulty can be solved, and you must come out as a winner. My upbeat attitude, mentality, and belief in myself enabled me to outperform myself in all aspects of my life and be fulfilled where I was intended.

Milos Radulovic

When I began reading a book about China in 2012, I understood that life had the potential to produce a wonderful story here. Meanwhile, I studied Chinese culture and daily life with more resources and literature.

My story in China started in March 2019. I am currently employed in the educational profession, working at an international bilingual school affiliated with the prestigious Shenzhen University. As a social science teacher, I teach high school students about human geography. We explore and evaluate the social, cultural, economic, and geopolitical aspects of our global society. 

Aside from that, I help students prepare to attend prestigious universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, Yale, and Princeton. I referred to this mission as a life calling because education is vital for all humans. It is more than simply education; it is about life wisdom and how we comprehend things, people, culture, and everything else that gives our lives meaning. As many individuals here want to have an English name, I decided to have my own and be known as "Mike" from the very beginning. Many people know me by this name, which is interesting because I know them by their English names. This demonstrates how cultures can communicate.

Shenzhen continually stands out in various areas of life. This city has a great vibe from the moment you arrive. There is something unique and special about this city and what is more special is that every year there is a positive surprise about how far away this city can go with technology.

Without a doubt, this city attracts a large number of entrepreneurs, talents, students, and start-up companies to come here to live their Chinese dreams. The city has tremendous potential and a clear vision. This is why I also got into the wine business, selling wine from many countries to local shops, restaurants, and hotels; as well as importing wine for B2B companies. I think that food and beverage have a lot of potential in Shenzhen, and migration in this city rapidly moved every year. There is a significant increase in middle-class consumers who want to enjoy life by spending money on good food and drinks, as well as entertainment. 

What thrills me about our wine business is that I have begun organizing and presenting events in Shenzhen! My social gatherings differ based on the content and business partners. I successfully organize and handle networking events, but I also provide this service to numerous businesses that require different types of meetings. conferences, training, seminars, team-building, workshops, etc. I appreciate bringing people together and doing something meaningful and useful for them. I enjoy meeting new people and making them pleased with our products and services. Also, it's always exciting to bring people together on an exclusive project where they can collaborate and achieve great things.

In this wonderful city of Shenzhen, I’ve worked on a few fascinating business projects for Oppo and Microsoft. Many companies found my figure appealing for a variety of activities, and I appeared as an actor in two major film and television productions. I was quite proud. Additionally, I worked with Shenzhen Media Group on the filming project "Expats in Shenzhen." We travel throughout the city, shooting in each district and spending time with a professional team.

Milos Radulovic

My long-term plans are, of course, bound to this great country known as China, but specifically to the incredible city of Shenzhen. I honestly believe that this city is great for organized, punctual, and diligent people who want to make their ideas a reality.

Living abroad alone brings many challenges daily. However, my nearest family members and best friends provide me with incredible support and affection. They always give me extra drive and motivation to solve all of the difficulties that I am facing at the moment.

Personal development and skill acquisition are key to the culture of this city, which has an incredible pace of life. Although I have fulfilled many of my goals, my impressions, sentiments, and positive influence from this country have been far beyond my expectations. I believe that my future is bright and shiny. I often said, "The sky is not the limit; it is only the beginning." My life experience has just begun. “Life is a journey; it’s not a destination.