Breaking ground in SZ: Young entrepreneur kickstarts trading firm

Writer: Zhang Yu  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Original  |  Updated: 2024-04-11

As an entrepreneur who has successfully navigated the challenges of starting a business in Shenzhen, 24-year-old Indian Shubham Joshi is determined to make his mark in Shenzhen’s trading and logistics industries as he considers the city a perfect place to pursue his dreams.

Although his company is in its start-up phase, Joshi is intent on learning and evolving to ensure that his business thrives in China’s dynamic market.

Indian Shubham Joshi poses for a photo at his company’s office in Nanshan District. Zhang Yu

Venturing into business world

For Joshi, the seed of his interest in business was planted at a young age. He has always been captivated by the world of business, and his journey towards entrepreneurship began when he enrolled at Shenzhen University in 2018 to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

During his college years, Joshi found himself with ample free time between classes. Instead of idling away his hours, he decided to delve into the world of online trading.

Joshi’s father, also a businessman, has played a pivotal role in nurturing his son’s aspirations. He has provided unwavering support, guidance, and encouragement to Joshi, instilling in him the confidence necessary for turning his dreams into reality.

At the end of 2022, Joshi immediately embarked on his entrepreneurial journey and established a trading company in Shenzhen upon graduation.

“As soon as I graduated, the first thing I did was get a business license and open a company with my father because he’d been supporting me throughout my journey,” Joshi told Shenzhen Daily during an interview Tuesday.

Leveraging his father’s extensive network of contacts, Joshi wasted no time in building a client base. He coordinated closely with clients, sealing deals and securing orders that set the company’s growth in motion.

His company specializes in providing customized products for clients in the hotel industry. From luxurious furniture and aromatic candles to gift items that showcase exquisite craftsmanship, they offer a wide range of products that adorn the spaces of hotels. Their expertise extends to construction items as well, including steel, tape, cranes, and hard machinery.

Why Shenzhen?

Shenzhen’s convenience and strategic location are the main reasons Joshi chose the city for his business venture.

“Everything here is very convenient. I can easily order supplies online, have virtual factory visits through video calls, and meet with logistics agents in nearby Hong Kong,” said Joshi, adding that this has made his life much easier since he doesn’t have to travel extensively to get things done.

One aspect of setting up his company that surprised Joshi was the ease of obtaining a business license, and the efficiency is a testament to the business-friendly environment in Shenzhen.

“The process is very efficient because it only requires basic details. Then you need to just go to the right office and fill in forms, and you get your business license within a month,” Joshi said.

While the Chinese market is not growing at the same pace as before, the young Indian entrepreneur sees this as a natural progression for a country that has already achieved significant growth. He admires the shift towards automation in production, which not only improves safety and efficiency but also reduces costs in many cases.

Joshi has nothing but praise for Chinese industries and factories for their efficiency, dedication to hard work, ability to meet deadlines, commitment to quality, and honesty.

“Whenever I placed an order, whether for equipment or clothing, the manufacturers were upfront about the quality,” said Joshi. He appreciates such honesty and transparency as opposed to dishonest practices that exist in some other countries.

Ambition for expansion

Armed with ambition and determination, Joshi has set his sights on achieving his long-term goal of expanding his business into new markets, particularly the Middle East. His current clients are mainly from India and Sri Lanka.

Joshi believes that these developing markets hold immense potential for growth, and being closer to his clients provides him with a competitive edge.

“The Indian market itself is also developing quickly. So I am planning to open offices in India as well, to be closer to my clients,” he said.

The young entrepreneur is also looking for a bigger office for his company in Nanshan District.

When asked what advice he would give to foreigners who are interested in starting a business in Shenzhen, Joshi succinctly and practically said: “Think about your position and have a long-term goal.” He emphasized the importance of strategy and having a solid client base before embarking on any business venture.

By securing regular clients, Joshi believes that entrepreneurs can focus on expanding their business without constantly worrying about survival. “If you have regular clients, you don’t have to think too much about surviving. You can think more about expansion. So I think strategy is very important,” he said.

However, Joshi is also aware that not everyone has the luxury of a strong client base or cash flow. Some entrepreneurs possess an exceptional product but lack the necessary financial support. In such cases, he recommends seeking investors in their home countries or exploring opportunities in China.

As an entrepreneur who has successfully navigated the challenges of starting a business in Shenzhen, 24-year-old Indian Shubham Joshi is determined to make his mark in Shenzhen’s trading and logistics industries as he considers the city a perfect place to pursue his dreams.