How cash transactions work

Writer:   |  Editor: Liu Minxia  |  From:   |  Updated: 2024-04-15

Video by Xu Shuntian

1. How can I withdraw renminbi cash with my bank card?


If you have a bank card with a UnionPay logo, issued either on the Chinese mainland or overseas, you can withdraw renminbi cash on all ATMs on the Chinese mainland. 


If you have a bank card without a UnionPay logo, withdrawals can be made on ATMs with the logo of the clearing organization your bank card issuer belongs. 


You may also visit a bank to withdraw renminbi cash with your bank card. 


2. How much service charge do I need to pay for withdrawing renminbi cash using a non-UnionPay bank card? 


Different international clearing organizations have different charging standards. Please consult your bank issuer for detailed cash withdrawal service fee information. 


3. How much renminbi cash can I withdraw a day on ATMs using a non-UnionPay bank card?


The amount of renminbi cash you can withdraw a day on ATMs is jointly determined by stipulations of your card issuer and the bank you choose to withdraw cash from. For example, if the bank you choose to withdraw cash from has a daily withdrawal limit of 20,000 yuan and your card issuer has a daily withdrawal limit lower than that, then the amount of renminbi cash you can withdraw a day is the daily withdrawal limit stipulated by your card issuer. 


4. I have brought with me some foreign currency notes. How can I exchange them into renminbi notes? 


To exchange your foreign currency cash into renminbi cash, you may visit a bank or a foreign currency exchange point. Franchised foreign currency exchange points can be found in locations such as airports, ports, and some business circles. 


You can find this logo at franchised foreign currency exchange points in Shenzhen. 

5. How can I change my large-denomination renminbi notes into smaller-denomination notes? 


You may visit a bank to exchange your renminbi notes into smaller-denomination notes. A convenient option is "Change Purse (零钱包)," a service recently launched by major financial instituions in Shenzhen under the guidance of the People's Bank of China's Shenzhen branch. Each "Change Purse" contains renminbi coins and notes with denominations ranging from 1 yuan to 20 yuan, providing great convenience to people who prefer cash than other payment methods and newcomers without access to other payment options.