How to use public transportation

Writer: Yu Yuanfan  |  Editor: Liu Minxia  |  From: Original  |  Updated: 2024-04-21

Video by Xu Shuntian

1. What are the ways to pay for a metro or bus ride in Shenzhen? 


There are quite a few ways to pay for a metro or bus ride in Shenzhen. Some of the most used ways include: 

1) Cash;

2) The pay-as-you-go "Shenzhen Tong" (深圳通) card for public transportation;

3) The "Chengchema" (乘车码) WeChat miniprogram; 

4) The "Shenzhen Tong" QR code, which can be accessed via the "Shenzhen Tong" WeChat miniprogram, Alipay, or the "Shenzhen Tong" app; 

5) Certian public transportation cards issued in some other cities. 


2. How do I know if my public transportation card issued in another city can be used in Shenzhen?


Your public transportation card can be used in Shenzhen if it is a China T-union card. Those with a "China T-union" logo on it are China T-union cards.


A China T-union card will have this logo on it. 

3. Can expats aged 60 and above enjoy free metro rides in Shenzhen? 


Expats aged 60 and above can enjoy free metro rides in Shenzhen. He/she will need to present to a metro staffer his/her identification such as passport.