Reclining chairs become online sensation

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Shenzhen Central Park’s reclining chairs have become an online sensation recently, drawing crowds eager to relax in these popular seats.

These ergonomically designed chairs, resembling folded paper for a light and airy feel, line the riverbanks of Area E in Shenzhen Central Park. Visitors flock to this spot featured on Xiaohongshu just to secure a seat and unwind.

As people recline on these chairs, a gentle breeze may cause ripples on the nearby lake where lotus flowers sway peacefully with the current, offering a serene experience. Facing the lake, visitors can admire a vast bald cypress forest while being serenaded by the calming sounds of chirping insects and birds.

As little as 20 minutes of sitting or strolling through a city park — or any outdoor place that makes one feel more connected to nature — helps reduce the levels of stress hormones circulating in the body and thus may help reduce stress itself, according to a small but interesting study published in the International Journal of Environmental Health Research.

The theory suggests that even spending a short time in a park daily can boost happiness — a principle embodied by Shenzhen Central Park. In this season of renewal, taking the time to unwind in open spaces like this becomes all the more valuable.

The park’s layout consisting of five interconnected areas makes navigation easy. Lush with litchi and mango trees and intersected by the tranquil Futian River, it provides a refreshing escape.

Nestled amidst an urban jungle in Futian District, it serves as a peaceful retreat with its palm tree-bordered pathways and diverse green spaces.

Within the park’s central stretch lies a serene lawn encircled by dense forests, providing a quiet oasis in the midst of urban activity. It caters to diverse interests, featuring spaces for fishing, public fitness activities, and more.

Originally intended as a greening buffer, this urban oasis was transformed into a central park in 1998, serving as a biodiverse recreational hub for city dwellers.

A stroll along the lakeside unveils vibrant pink banana flowers blooming exuberantly, creating a stunning spectacle best enjoyed up close on a wooden walkway.

The park’s architectural elements, including pavilions, corridors, and ecological landscapes, blend harmoniously to enhance visitors’ experience.

For those seeking an outdoor adventure, the sloping lawns in Area D offer a perfect spot for camping, picnicking, or fishing, creating a vibrant communal space.

For young visitors, the children’s activity area presents a whimsical setting with a plant maze and playful sculptures, inviting kids to immerse themselves in a springtime fairy tale world.

The accompanying photographs, captured by Shenzhen Daily photographer Lin Jianping, showcase the charm and allure of this park.(SD News) 

Shenzhen Central Park’s reclining chairs have become an online sensation recently, drawing crowds eager to relax in these popular seats.