City's daily marriages hit 5-year high

Writer: Zhang Yu  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Original  |  Updated: 2024-05-21

A new record was set for marriage registrations in Shenzhen on May 20, a special day on which Chinese couples like to tie the knot!

Every year, many couples choose to register for marriage certificates May 20 because the number 520 sounds like “I love you” in Mandarin. Marriage registrations usually peak on this special day, in addition to Valentine’s Day and the Qixi Festival, which is known as Chinese Valentine’s Day.

A newlywed couple display their marriage registration certificates while holding a banner reading “Today We Get Married” at the Futian Marriage Registration Office in Honey Park yesterday. Zhang Yu

Yesterday saw a total of 1,851 couples register their marriages in the city — this was the highest number seen on a single day in the past five years, according to the civil affairs bureau. Last year, 1,810 couples registered their marriages May 20.

Yesterday was also the Grain Buds, the eighth solar term on the traditional Chinese lunar calendar, a time when crops and other plants grow most exuberantly.

According to the bureau, marriage registration reservations for the day were fully booked soon after reservations became available.

To accommodate the predictable surge in marriage registrations, marriage registries across the city opened on-site queues and said they would work overtime to accommodate all registration demands on this specific day.

Love-filled and auspicious decorations at the marriage registries sparked romantic feelings. At the marriage registry in Luohu District, traditional wedding supplies such as wedding books, jewelry, and gift boxes were displayed in the wedding customs hall. Additionally, Chinese-style wedding gowns and red fans were loaned to newlyweds for taking photos, free of charge.

At the marriage registry in Futian District’s Honey Park, a long queue of couples was seen waiting to take photos at the altar.

“We made the online reservation 15 days in advance in order to apply for the marriage certificate on this special day and asked our families to help us snatch a spot,” a bridegroom surnamed Lin told Shenzhen Daily.

While some newlyweds hired photographers to help them catch the sweetest moments, some preferred to do it by themselves.

A bridegroom surnamed Zhao and his wife said that they spent a long time preparing the flowers, veils, and some props the night before. “We also have a camera, so we think it’s meaningful to take photos ourselves,” Zhao’s wife said.

Zhao added that they wanted to tie the knot May 20 because the day is special and that yesterday was also a solar term, which made the day even more special.

A new record was set for marriage registrations in Shenzhen on May 20, a special day on which Chinese couples like to tie the knot!