Court uses blockchain proof in copyright dispute

Writer: Xia Yuanjie  |  Editor: Holly Wang  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2021-04-23

The People’s Court of Longhua District gave a copyright violation ruling based on blockchain-secured evidence, which marks the country’s first mobile micro court to successfully use blockchain technology to ensure the evidence was legally valid and settle the case.

In the trial, the judge Xu Yinan verified the blockchain-based evidence for a verdict in the copyright dispute, the Daily Sunshine reported Thursday.

Compared to notarizing traditional evidence, blockchain streamlines evidence collection procedures in many ways. With blockchain, evidence is saved instantaneously without need for notarizing, costs less and is tamper-free.

Guo Haojun, deputy director of the Science and Technology Information Department of Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court, said that blockchain-based technology can solve copyright confirmation problems. Online copyright disputes concerning many e-evidence, a platform for blockchain evidence verification is able to reduce the cost and improve rights protection efficiency. After the plaintiff uploads the electronic evidence via the Shenzhen Mobile Micro Court’s miniprogram, the judge can check the reliability of the evidence at any time.

Guo also commented that the Shenzhen platform for blockchain evidence verification has not only supported the court’s work, but also helped parties in several aspects. With the development of 5G, the city’s courts are expected to increase investments in the application of blockchain technology in various legislative scenarios.

Shenzhen’s blockchain evidence verification platform is an open platform that has included Zhi Xin Chain and Zhong Jing Tian Ping Big Data in the first phase.