Catch Phrase | 吹晚风(chuīwǎnfēng)

Writer: Debra Li  |  Editor: Stephanie Yang  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2021-09-14


Literally meaning “to chill out in the evening breeze,” this term came from a popular song well received among generation Z in China. One line from the song “Cuo Wei Shi Kong” (“Manipulated Time and Space”) says, “I have chilled out in the evening breeze as you have.” Many young people think the imagery is romantic and would use it as a metaphor when trying to confess feelings to someone they have a crush on.


A: 新学期你们班转学来了个漂亮女生?

Xīnxuéqī nǐmen bān zhuǎnxué lái le gè piàoliang nǚshēng?

Is it true that a pretty girl transferred to your class in the new semester?

B: 是的,她很聪明可爱,好想和她一起吹晚风。

Shìde,tā hěn cōngmíng kěài,hǎo xiǎng hé tā yīqǐ chuīwǎnfēng。

True. She’s smart and cute. I wish I could chill out in the evening breeze with her. (I wish I could ask her out on a date.)