Catch Phrase | “清朗”行动("Qīnglǎng" xíngdòng)

Writer: Debra Li  |  Editor: Stephanie Yang  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2021-12-30


“清朗” literally means “clear and bright,” and “行动” refers to “action, campaign.” Initiated by the Cyberspace Administration of China on May 8, the “Clear and Bright” Campaign is a nationwide effort to purify the online environment. It was triggered by an incident where fans bought packaged milk in bulk to support their idols, and then poured the milk into the sewage because they didn’t need it. In addition to irrational idol-supporting behavior, the campaign also targets online bullying and violence, the misuse of algorithms in marketing and sales, and the irregularities in push messages, among other things.


A: 你妹妹还追星吗?

Nǐ mèimei hái zhuīxīng ma?

Is your younger sister still crazy about her idol?

B: “清朗”行动开展后,她理性了很多,不再乱花钱追星了。

“Qīnglǎng” xíngdòng kāizhǎn hòu,tā lǐxìng le hěnduō,búzài luàn huāqián zhuīxīng le。

Since the launch of the “Clear and Bright” Campaign that aims to purify the online environment, she has become more rational and stopped spending a lot of money supporting her idol.