Catch Phrase | 格局打开(Géjú dǎkāi)

Writer: Debra Li  |  Editor: Stephanie Yang  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2022-04-21


In this context, “格局” means “perspective, horizon,” and “打开” literally means “to open.” The Chinese term “格局” is a formal phrase previously seldom used in the speaking language. This popular saying is now often used by Chinese netizens to mock those who fail to see the big picture and focus only on the minute details. It can roughly be translated as “need to see the big picture.” Sometimes people jokingly use the term on themselves. 


A: 小林的女朋友跟他闹分手,他天天愁眉苦脸的。

Xiǎolín de nǚpéngyou gēn tā nào fènshǒu,tā tiāntiān chóuméi kǔliǎn de。

Xiao Lin’s girlfriend is breaking up with him. He’s down in the dumps every day.

B: 年轻人不要眼里只有爱情。格局打开!

Niánqīngrén búyào yǎnlǐ zhǐyǒu àiqíng。Géjú dǎkāi!

There is much more in this world than romantic love that the young should strive for. He needs to see the big picture!