Catch Phrase | 剧抛脸(jùpāoliǎn)

Writer: Debra Li  |  Editor: Stephanie Yang  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2022-04-22


“剧” means “show,” “抛” means “to dispose of,” and “脸” means “face.” Likely a derivative of the term “日抛” (rìpāo, “daily disposable,” used to describe contact lens), this term coined by Chinese netizens literally means “show-specific disposable face,” a humorous way to praise an actor who does an excellent job portraying each role assigned to them. Their acting is so natural and convincing that audiences will totally forget about their previous roles while watching their new show. 


A: 最近有部国产剧很火,讲东北一家人的故事。

Zuìjìn yǒu bù guóchǎnjù hěn huǒ,jiǎng dōngběi yījiārén de gùshì。

A domestically produced TV show about a northeastern family has been very popular recently. 

B: 都有谁演的啊?

Dōu yǒu shuí yǎn de a?

Who are the actors in this show?

A: 还真叫不出名字,主要角色都演得很好,个个剧抛脸。

Hái zhēn jiàobuchū míngzi,zhǔyào juésè dōu yǎn de hěnhǎo,gègè jùpāoliǎn。

I can’t think of a name. The main actors are just wonderful, each of them convincing and natural in their new roles.