Catch Phrase | 刘畊宏女孩(liúgēnghóng nǚhái)

Writer: Debra Li  |  Editor: Stephanie Yang  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2022-05-12


“刘畊宏” is a Taiwanese actor and bodybuilding trainer hired by many celebrities, and “女孩” means “girls.” Banned by short video streaming site Douyin because he unwittingly showed his armpit hair while giving live aerobic lessons, Liu later tried livestreaming his lesson wearing a down jacket. Thinking him hilarious especially with the very catchy background music he used — a Jay Chou rap, millions became his followers in just a few days. His moves are simple and easy to follow, which is another factor that made him an online celebrity trainer during the lockdown that resulted from the latest flare-up of the Omicron variant. His followers call themselves “Liu Keng-hung girls (or boys).” 


A: 最近有个健身教练好火,我都跟着练了几天。

Zuìjìn yǒu ge jiànshēn jiāoliàn hǎo huǒ,wǒ dōu gēnzhe liàn le jǐtiān。

A bodybuilding trainer recently became an online hit, and even I trained with him online for a few days.

B: 原来你也是个刘畊宏女孩。

Yuánlái nǐ yě shìge liúgēnghóng nǚhái。

It turns out you are one of Liu Keng-hung’s followers.