Catch Phrase | 时间管理大师 (shíjiānguǎnlǐdàshī)

Writer: Cao Zhen  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2022-08-05


Literally translated as “master of time management,” this term refers to someone who is skillful in organizing and aligning their tasks and objectives into a workable schedule, and therefore can effectively fulfill those tasks. Chinese netizens, however, have applied the term sarcastically to describe womanizers who split their time dating different women. The usage dated back to April 2020, when Taiwanese singer-host Show Lo was exposed by his ex-girlfriend Grace Chow to have been involved in “multi-player” sexploits. Chow found out about Lo’s womanizing by checking his phone and wondered how he had managed to squeeze those orgies into his tight schedule. A netizen left a comment under Lo’s apology that he published at 5 a.m. days later, which said, “The first lesson from a master of time management: posting an apology at 5 a.m.”


A: 丽丽和她交往了五年的男朋友分手了。

Lìlì hé tā jiāowǎng le wǔnián de nánpéngyou fēnshǒu le。

Li Li broke up with the guy she had been seeing for five years.

B: 为什么?



A: 因为丽丽发现他是个时间管理大师。

Yīnwèi lìlì fāxiàn tā shì ge shíjiān guǎnlǐ dàshī。

Because she found out that he’s a womanizer and cheated on her with different women.