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Let’s be a patriot

Writer: Wu Guangqiang  | Editor: Jane Chen  | From:  | Updated: 2017-08-28

Email of the writer: jw368@163.com

The homemade action movie “Wolf Warrior 2” has been a sensation since its release on July 27. It has kept breaking Chinese box-office records one after another. As of Friday, it has nabbed over 53 billion yuan (US$796 million), making it the world’s only non-Hollywood best-selling movie so far.

Directed by and starring Chinese filmmaker and martial artist Wu Jing, the movie bears much resemblance to Hollywood movies, featuring a gripping storyline about a hero rescuing his compatriots single-handedly after crushing the enemies dominant both in number and weaponry from a faraway war-torn country. The roaring and clanking of tanks ramming each other, bloody close-quarters combat, and, the most thrilling of all, the firing of missiles from naval warships, all give the audience intense visual impacts and sensory stimulation.

But, as I observed, what riveted the viewers was much more than the magnificent scenes, the use of state-of-the-art technologies, and other elements of Hollywood blockbusters. As many reviews pointed out, the movie rekindled Chinese patriotism and awakened their pride in their increasingly powerful nation.

Personally speaking, the huge success of the movie lies more in its political implications than in its artistic values. But this is exactly what the nation and its people need; they need to announce to the world that the days have gone forever that China and the Chinese people were humiliated and bullied. Of the millions of moviegoers who watched the movie, many were motivated more by an urge to show their patriotism than by the appeal of the movie.

As known to all, for quite a long time in the past years, in China patriotism has been distorted, tarnished and attacked by a handful of pro-American “intellectual elite,” and as a result, it has, to some degree, become a sensitive word or even a taboo.

Their favorite tricks include the adoption of historical nihilism, demonization of patriotic heroes, and the negation of the achievements of China.

Using their sophistry, they argued that love of the country does not mean the love of the Communist Party of China (CPC) or the government.

A great country can never be separated from its great history, culture and the political parties or governments that lead the nation in accomplishing the goals of salvation and rejuvenation of the nation.

Without the unremitting endeavor and strong leadership of the CPC over the past 90 years, there would be no China of today as one of the world’s most powerful nations. No other political party could possibly create such a historic miracle as lifting a billion-strong population out of poverty and turning a frail nation into a powerful one within a mere few decades.

Without the tireless and effective work of Chinese governments all along, there would be no Chinese economic miracle that stuns the world. Every new administration works on well-devised-and-executed plans, and after completing the previous plan, it will work out a new one. Year in and year out, with the completion of many short-term plans, China has accomplished a host of massive achievements like the world’s largest networks of high-speed railways and expressways, largest manufacturing capabilities, largest cities, etc.

“Wolf Warrior 2” recalls us of the massive evacuation of 36,000 nationals from violence-torn Libya in 2011. With amazing efficiency, the Chinese Government completed the operation within days by mobilizing all available means, from chartered passenger liners and buses to strategic airlifts. This was a hallmark event demonstrating China’s emergence as a powerful country caring for and able to protect its people.

Patriotism is never hollow or abstract. The Chinese know from the heart that it is the CPC, the government and the PLA that give them security, dignity and pride.

I am proud to be Chinese!

(The author is an English tutor and freelance writer.)