Catch Phrase| 天啦噜(tiānlalu)

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“天” means “heaven,” while both “啦” and “噜” are just exclamations without a specific meaning. The equivalent to “OMG” (oh my god), this slang term is popular in Taiwan, and has spread to all parts of China. Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai uses it a lot, and Chinese netizens now use the term to express their astonishment.


A: 我昨天遇到小林,天啦噜,她简直瘦成一道闪电了。

Wǒ zuótiān yùdào xiǎolín, tiānlalu, tā jiǎnzhí shòu chéng yīdào shǎndiàn le。

I ran into Xiao Lin yesterday. OMG, she’s lost much weight and is so skinny now.

B: 她不是病了吧?

Tā bùshì bìng le ba?

Is she all right?

A: 我听说她是失恋太伤心了。

Wǒ tīngshuō tā shì shīliàn tài shāngxīn le。

I hear that she’s been distraught since her ex dumped her.

(First editor: Debra Li)

Editor: Stephanie Yang