Emmanuel Pahud to grace concert hall| Nov. 12

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Time8 p.m., Nov. 12
Tickets180-880 yuan
VenueShenzhen Concert Hall, intersection of Hongli Road and Yitian Road, Futian District (福田区红荔路和益田路交汇处深圳音乐厅)
MetroLine 3 or 4 Children’s Palace Station (少年宫站) Exit D
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Booking: 400-185-8666


Emmanuel Pahud


French-Swiss flute player Emmanuel Pahud will collaborate with French pianist Eric Le Sage for a recital at Shenzhen Concert Hall on Nov. 12.

11月12日,长笛巨星Emmanuel Pahud将携手法国钢琴演奏家Eric Le Sage在深圳音乐厅上演专场音乐会。


Classically trained at the Conservatoire de Paris, Pahud leapt into the international orchestral and solo music scene when he joined the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in 1992. His versatility in musical styles over the years has “signaled the arrival of a new master flautist,” commented The Guardian. He plays a diversity of music genres spanning baroque, jazz, contemporary, classical, orchestral and chamber music.

帕胡德于1970年1月27日生于瑞士日内瓦,从六岁起开始学习音乐,1990年自巴黎音乐学院毕业,之后继续从师 Aurele Nicolet(尼柯莱)。他在许多重要竞赛中夺得过奖,如1992年日内瓦、1989年Kobe及1988年Dunio的国际音乐竞赛中,在十二个奖项中就拿下了八项。他并得到瑞士法语社区电台奖的独奏奖,以及欧洲会议的Juvnetus奖。此外,他也荣获曼纽因基金会(Yehudi Menuhin Foundation)及联合国科教文组织国际音乐家论坛的桂冠。


Pahud describes his versatility in music as becoming a chameleon who matches the color of music, or the idea he has of it, to what the original composer had in mind. His discography and career have also been built on encounters — both professionally and in human relationships. He elaborates on his chameleon-like approach to making music: “I try to change style, color and phrasing, the way I breathe and articulate to suit the piece I am playing. I do not represent any particular national style.”


Pahud’s debut in the world of jazz was marked by his collaboration with jazz pianist Jacky Terrasson. He has explored jazz further through performing big band music with friends and colleagues from the Berlin Philharmonic and local jazz musicians.

Editor: Nan Nan