Old photos tell you the story of the past| Until Nov. 20

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TimeUntil Nov. 20
VenueYuezhong Museum of Historical Images 越众历史影像馆
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From every household we could dig up some old photos that would not only show the memories of the family but also enable the rediscovery of history. The old photo exhibition, “Impressions of the Eras—20th Anniversary of Old Photos,” is on show at the Yuezhong Museum of Historical Images in Shenzhen until Nov. 20.



The exhibition consists of two parts, namely documents and selected photos, from the book “Old Photos.” A total of 100 photos from the “Old Photos” were selected, including ones showing the scenery near Chongwen Gate in Beijing and the pioneering Shanghai Nanjing Road back at the end of the 19th century; a circus performance in the countryside and a Western-style food dinner in Lanzhou at the beginning of the 20th century; and the drill of the New Army and the overseas inspection of the imperial guards at the end of the Qing Dynasty (1840-1912).



Chinese official Zhang Zhidong (L) takes a photo with an English official on his way to Beijing on May 14, 1903. Photos by Sun Yuchen.


Girls at a mission school in Shanghai run by Notre Dame in Wang Jiatang, Shanghai at the beginning of the 20th century.


Imperial guards at the end of the Qing Dynasty (1840-1912) visit Austria in 1910. The second from the left on the first row is Ha Hanzhang. The third from the left on the first row is Li Jingmai. The fourth from the left on the first row is Zai Tao, and the first from the right on the first row is Liang Bi.


Seven siblings take a photo in the 1930s.


A British lieutenant commander holds a wedding ceremony with his wife in the Liugong Island of Weihai in April 1938.


Chinese and American soldiers show the Japanese national flag captured in battle Sep. 8, 1944. In front of the flag are an American Thomson submachine gun and an American grenade.


20 Chinese nurses go to the U.S. for advanced studies organized by the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration in 1946.


A young couple in a rural area gets married on Yimeng Mountain in Shandong with farm tools in their hands and a red flower in front of their chest.

Editor: Nan Nan