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Wearable tech makes a difference

Writer: Han Ximin  | Editor: Jane Chen  | From:  | Updated: 2017-11-21

Email of the writer: ximhan@126.com

Some new intelligent sportswear, which seem no different from normal swimming gear or running shirts but are equipped with sensors, could be a matter of life and death in the event of drowning or cardiac arrest.

In Hall 1 of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Shenzhen Youan Science and Technology Co. is displaying its anti-drowning swimming suit, the intelligent and automatic inflatable swimming suit.

The intelligent swimming suit, which is 80 grams heavier than an ordinary suit, is said to be the first type of swimming suit equipped with a sensor. The sensor can track a swimmer and decide if they are in a safe condition. If a child goes 50 centimeters below the water for 30 seconds or an adult is submerged 80 centimeters for about 60 seconds, the sensor will automatically inflate an air bag and bring the swimmer to float on the water’s surface. The whole process takes about three seconds.

“The embedded sensor can sense water pressure. When the water pressure reaches an unsafe level, the sensor automatically sends the data and releases the air bag to save the swimmer,” said Wan Lifei, a marketing manager of Youan, in an interview.

The safety mode of the swimming suit is triggered automatically when the swimmer is in danger of drowning, or voluntarily when the swimmer feels discomfort or a spasm.

The swimming suit, which is sold for more than 200 yuan (US$30) and is insured by People’s Insurance of China, is crucial in preventing the drowning of children.

Drowning is the third leading cause of deaths by nonintentional injury in the world. In China, around 57,000 people drown each year, according to official statistics.

Another intelligent exercise wear that can make a life or death difference is a running shirt by Amsu (Shenzhen) New Technology Co. Ltd.

The rate of sudden death in marathons is one in every 50,000, but occasional reports of runners suffering from sudden death have occurred recently at marathon events in China.

The risk of death could be reduced if this intelligent running shirt, equipped with flexible sensors, is applied. According to the company, the wearable tech provides real-time analysis of the physiological tolerance and heartbeat rhythms via a sensor fixed in front of the chest.

Its advantage over other heart-rate monitors is its stability and sustainability, even when the runner is running fast.