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Artist exhibits interdisciplinary art| Until Jan. 8

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Until Jan. 8


Artist exhibits interdisciplinary art| Until Jan. 8




Line 3, Yitian Station (益田站), Exit A and then take a taxi

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Hours: 10 a.m.-6 p.m., closed Mondays



Interdisciplinary artist Fan Bo is holding his “Emerging From Shadows” at E Museum of Contemporary Art (eMoCA).





Perception dominates his art work. Instead of painting the physical human representation, the artist has decided to develop an intensive relationship to the interior of the human being. This process was acquired through Fan’s insertion into the universe of a very sensitive minority, namely blind people and Braille writing, which is one of their main ways of communication with the external world.



Fan develops two bodies of works related to external or internal experiences respectively. Works like “The Fable,” “The Archeological Report” and the “B2 Series” give visibility to the subjective perception of the world by blind individuals, who are rarely invited to represent their own reality. The internal experience is highlighted by works such as “The Gaze,” “The Breathing” and “Blooming.”



寓言 / The Fable|尺寸可变 / Variable|树木、纸本、镜面 / Tree、paper、Mirror|2017


“The Fable” is an interactive work developed by the participation of a group of blind people invited to describe a tree based on their own perception of shape, form, structure and details. Each one of them had a unique way of describing the same tree through their own perceptual lens and way of watching and experiencing the world. Each one delivered a singular response, their own signature, their own perspective of the unseen but perceived tree on a unique level of creation and notion of reality.



考古报告 / The Archeological Report|尺寸可变 / Variable|不锈钢、盲文书、摄影 / Stainless steel、braille books、photography|2017


“The Archeological Report” is placed on a bookshelf made of glass and mirror and contains books written in Braille. The visitors without vision loss cannot identify the content of the books but are surprised by the duplication of their image and of the space through the mirror surface. Here the blind visitors can experience feeling that they are in front of a conventional bookshelf rather than experiencing spatial complexity.



B2-1、B2-2|300X200cmX2|麻布、油彩、药品 / Linen、paint 、tablets|2017


The “B2 Series,” on the other hand, makes use of the appropriation of the Braille dots in a playful way. The dots are placed on the canvas or other image carriers as an allusion to this secret language. Fan goes a step further by making the dots out of enlarged pills ironically used to cure diseases, even though blindness has no cure. The meaning of vision has to be enlarged and substituted by the perception.



Dates: Until Jan. 8

Hours: 10 a.m.-6 p.m., closed Mondays

Venue: E Museum of Contemporary Art, 1/F, Creative Free Trade Zone, Binglang Road, Futian Bonded Zone (福田保税区槟榔道创意保税园首层E当代美术馆)

Metro: Line 3, Yitian Station (益田站), Exit A and then take a taxi