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Catch Phrase | Electronic ID

Writer:   | Editor: Stephanie Yang  | From:  | Updated: 2018-01-09
China's first electronic "identification card" was issued in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, on Dec.25.

The full name of the electronic ID card is "WeChat electronic identity authentication certificate," which is an identity authentication certificate for online application presented by the first research institute of the Ministry of Public Security.A WeChat ID card, regarded as the network certificate or electronic version of one's ID card, is recognized by the Ministry of Public Security. It can be used where real-name authentication is required, such as hotel registration, ticketing, bank services, and delivery services.

There are two versions of WeChat ID cards: the "lightweight version" and the "upgraded version". The "lightweight version" can be used for unofficial work such as registering at internet cafes, and the "upgraded version" is designed for more formal occassions requiring secure authentication, including business registrations.

People can use an applet on WeChat searching for the certificate to get a black and white "lightweight version" ID card, and also can use an approved app setting a 8-digital password to get a colored "upgraded version" ID card.

According to the police, using WeChat ID cards is not only convenient, but also secure and accurate. The "network certificate" information is connected to a person's face, fingerprint, and physical ID card chip which makes it almost impossible to be counterfeited. Besides, there are specific measures dealing with card loss problem, including deleting the user's certificate information as soon as the person logs in to the WeChat account on another phone.