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Best places to appreciate plum blossoms in SZ

Writer: Chen Xiaochun  | Editor: Jane Chen  | From:  | Updated: 2018-01-23

One of the most poetic things to do in winter would be appreciating plum blossom trees while stepping through a snow-covered path. Though Shenzhen is not a place blessed with cold snowy winters, we can still appreciate plum blossoms, especially with the sudden drop of temperature this week. Below is a list of places where you can appreciate the flower.

Maluan Mountain Park

The widely known Thousand-Mu Plum Garden here is said to be the largest plum garden in Guangdong Province. When the plum is flowering in the cold of winter, the garden turns into a soft pink meadow of white-rimmed petals with rosy red centers dotting around like stars. Furthermore, when the flowers are in full bloom, they attract thousands of butterflies, which fly around and turn the place into a butterfly valley.

Maluan Mountain Park is also home to a selection of waterfalls including Maluan Waterfall, Longtan Mountain Waterfalls and Lanhe Bridge Waterfall, all of which are worth checking out. With its highest peak standing around only 500 meters in altitude, both adults and kids can enjoy trekking here without too much effort.

Best time for appreciating plum blossom: January to early February

Add: On the top of Maluan Mountain, Jinlong Avenue, Longgang District 马峦山山顶亭阁沿路(深圳市龙岗区锦龙大道)

Transport: Take Bus 103B, 380A or 380B from city center to Xiaomeisha Station, then walk in the north to Yanba Highway Flyover to Cuidie Lake Reservoir to start your trekking trip.

Sanzhoutian Forest Park

Though only a stone’s throw away from the bustling downtown area, Sanzhoutian Forest Park presents you a wholly different world with luxuriant mountains, crystal-clear water, chirping birds, deep valleys and floating clouds. When the plum blossoms bloom here, you will be embraced by an increasingly picturesque view.

Located in the northeast of Yantian District and the south central of Longgang District, Sanzhoutian Forest Park is home to the third highest peak in Shenzhen, Meishajian, at the altitude of 752 meters. Dubbed a “natural oxygen bar,” the park is a good weekend getaway for citizens where you can enjoy the awesome ocean view while climbing up the mountain.

Best time for appreciating plum blossom: December to mid-February

Add: Between Dameisha, Xiaomeisha and Pingshan Subdistrict 深圳盐田区大小梅沙及坪山街道之间

Transport: Take a bus to Chaxi Valley Station.

Meilin Park

Most people are always curious about how Meilin Subdistrict got its name, with many asking whether it is because this place used to have many plum blossoms. The answer to the question is hard to trace back and confirm. But it’s true that Meilin Park is home to a diverse plum blossom sea of different varieties and colors.

Located in Futian District, the park is blessed with nearly 1,000 ancient litchi trees with most of them over 100 years old.

Best time for appreciating plum blossom: Late January to mid-February

Add: Ancient Litchi area, Meilin Park, Meilin Road 梅林路梅林公园古荔区

Transport: Take Metro Line 9 to Xiameilin Station, then walk to the destination.

Plum Garden

With plum blossom as its perennial theme, Plum Garden is the place with the largest variety of plum blossoms in Shenzhen. Even from a distance, the gentle and sweet fragrance of plum blossom is sure to allure and guide you to your destination.

Plum Garden is home to a total of 4,000 plum trees in five different varieties including red plum blossom and beauty plum blossom. When the plum blossom is in full bloom, the garden is a blend of pink, red and white and the fragrance exudes a charming aroma. The scent of plum blossom is subtle, not strong, but deep like wine and very rich.

Best time for appreciating plum blossom: January to March

Add: On the north hillside of Meilin Mountain, northwest to Xiangmi Flyover, Beihuan Boulevard 北环大道香蜜立交西北侧,坐落在梅林山北边坡

Transport: Take Bus 41, 201, 240, 334, 58, 67, M203, M358 or M364 to the Beihuan Xiangmi Lijiaoxi Station (west to Xiangmi Flyover, Beihuan Boulevard), then walk to the destination.

Central Park

Central Park has spacious grass fields, a wetland and a high-quality runway. You basically jog alongside water on asphalt-paved paths or masonry roads. Without any slope, you can jog without too much effort here while appreciating the different flowers all year round.

Now is the time for plum blossom, which has already attracted tons of visitors, especially shutterbugs. The best time for shooting is 8 to 9 o’clock in the morning.

Best time for appreciating plum blossom: December to early February

Add: Central Park, Futian District 深圳中心公园

Transport: Take Metro Line 3 to Lianhuacun Station, then walk to the destination.

Greenway around Meilin Reservoir

With a total of 8 kilometers in length, the greenway passes through Meilin Reservoir. Both sides of the greenway are planted with plum trees. The planting scope reaches 5 kilometers. Alongside the greenway you can see Meishan Park, Meilin Reservoir, and Tanglang Mountain Park, which will all spice up your sporting routine.

Best time for appreciating plum blossom: Mid-January to mid-February

Add: No. 2 Meilin Greenway 深圳梅林二线路绿道

Transport: Take Metro Line 9 to Xiameilin Station, then walk to the destination.