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Fashion Week to rock museum

Writer: Debra Li  | Editor: Jane Chen  | From:  | Updated: 2018-02-12
Email of the writer: debra_lidan@163.com

Enter March and local fashionistas will be thrilled to plunge into their annual fashion feast, as more than 80 runway shows and static shows are awaiting them at the Shenzhen Fashion Week 2018.

Between March 13 and 19, 200 domestic and international designer brands will showcase their autumn/winter series at the Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning Exhibition, a new landmark flanked between Shenzhen Children’s Palace and the Civic Center.

“I feel indebted to the city government for allowing us the privilege to use the new museum building for this year’s fashion week,” said Shen Yongfang, president of the Shenzhen Garment Industry Association, organizer of the event, at a press briefing Friday morning. “It’s also a warm gesture that the city has full support for the fashion sector, an indispensable part of consumption upgrade and the city’s creative industry.”

Aptly themed “Fashion as Art,” the runways in the two spacious and luminous major showrooms on the fourth floor will be arranged into a V shape and C shape, allowing audiences an up-close look at the models. Following standard international practice, each room can accommodate some 1,000 audiences.

On the third floor will be another 400-seat showroom, which provides a stage for fledgling designers who have yet to make their names. On the fifth floor will be static shows and pop-up stores as well as an exhibition of contemporary art, aimed to give the audiences a new experience of exploring the boundaries between fashion and art.

Apart from familiar local brands like AUM, La Pargay, Season Wind and Haiping Xie, this year’s fashion week will also see the debut of two men’s clothing brands: Kaltendin and Versino.

New York-based fashion designer Bibhu Mohapatra, whose clients include Michelle Obama and Jennifer Lopez, Amos Ananda Yeo, a trend-setting young designer from Singapore, French designer Patricia Forgral and Italian Alberto Zambell will present their latest creations at the event.

Independent designer Alex Liu, whose brand Alexstorm debuted at a runway show in Paris last year, will present a series using Sorona, a fabric patented by DuPont, to profess his environmentalist sentiment.

A group of young designers from Macao will also bring their creations to the fourth version of the Shenzhen Fashion Week.

Co-produced by IMG, a producer of the New York Fashion Week, this year’s event is expected to attract 2,000 professional buyers as well as fashion gurus like Mario Boselli, honorary president of the Italian Fashion Chamber, and John Walford, director and event planner whose clients include Vivienne Westwood, Roberto Cavalli, Calvin Klein and Donna Karen.

Shenzhen, a stronghold of women’s wear and accessories in China, is home to more than 2,000 apparel companies and 10,000 designers.