Shekou Sea World

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Shekou Sea World was actually built around a ship named Minghua. However, the ship (originally called Anceveller) was, in the 1960s, a luxury yacht belonging to the then French president, Charles De Gaulle. In 1973, the ship, purchased by China and subsequently renamed Minghua, was permanently anchored at Shekou, Shenzhen. It is now a hotel and entertainment complex, much in the vein of Langui Fang in Hong Kong and “Xintiandi” in Shanghai.

With nine decks and a length of 168 meters, Sea World now boasts a 1,000 sqm lobby, a 2,000 sq meter café lounge, a 3-D cinema, a four star hotel, a nightclub and a fully-equipped gymnasium. The site also boasts a 12,000 sqm bar street, called Sea World Café Bars, which regularly attracts hordes of foreign and domestic tourists alike. The famous bars and cafes here include Kosmo Coffee, SPR Coffee, Nutaste Coffee, Sun Bar, Italian Bar and Fisherman’s Wharf, to name but a few. At Sea World, travelers can relish in the delights of myriad cultures from around the world, from the Spanish fiesta and the Munich beer festival to Britain’s Notting Hill Carnival and the Paris food festival, as well as passionate Brazilian festivals and romantic Hawaiian folk festivals.

Add: Wanghai Road, Nanshan District

Metro: Line 2, Sea World Station