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Is there any English newspaper in SZ?

Writer:   |  Editor: Lily A  |  From:   |  Updated: 2018-03-22

英文深圳日报创刊于1997年7月1日,是华南地区唯一的英文日报,立足于珠三角,辐射全国,影响海外,发行地包括中国大陆、香港、美国、印尼。Shenzhen Daily, initiated in 1997, is the only daily English newspaper in the Pearl River Delta area. It is published on the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, the United States and Indonesia, and is gaining an immense influence.


Shenzhen Daily is the leading news platform in South China, covering local, national and international breaking news and in-depth stories, featuring hot local events and reviews from our own columnists. Dedicated to English language media for nearly 20 years, it has won extensive praise in the industry with its diversified and globalized perspectives, as well as its professional and profound content.


Shenzhen Daily publishes multimedia content across multiple platforms: Shenzhen Daily newspaper, online at www.eyeshenzhen.com, the WeChat accounts Shenzhen Daily and EyeShenzhen, and weibo, twitter and facebook accounts under the name of Shenzhen Daily.